Vaping E-liquids, Cbd-Oils, Food Products and more – A Small Guide on Cannabidiol Consumption

How To Consume CBD-Oil Products?

There are five common ways to consume CBD oil and, before you write it down, it should be mentioned that you should not eat or drink for 15 minutes after consuming the CBD oil. In this way you get the optimal effect of the oils.

E-liquid CBD plant material

1. Oral intake of CBD oil

When one speaks of consuming cannabis oil, one usually means the intake of the oil through the mouth. You take the oil orally by putting a drop of cannabis oil under the tongue and then swallowing it. Cannabis oil has a bitter, strong taste. If you can not sustain the taste for 15 minutes, rinse the cannabis oil with water or another type of non-alcoholic liquid. But if you want to get the optimal effect of the oil, avoid any kind of liquid for 15 minutes after ingestion.


2. Vaping / e-cigarettes / E-Liquid

Another way to consume cannabis oil is with an evaporator or an e-cigarette. This releases the necessary substances and reduces the bad substances (toxins). For the best Cbd E liquid smoking experience, read the supplied Evaporator / E-Cigarette Guide as the cannabis oil must be heated to a certain temperature before use.


3. In food and drinks

A very popular and well-known way to consume cannabis is through food. You can, for example, process the cannabis oil in a delicious cake. There’s even water-soluble CBD forms.


4. In capsules

Some do not like the taste of cannabis oil at all, but for those people there is a good alternative: capsules filled with cannabis oil. So your taste buds will not come into contact with the oil since it is in the capsule. Furthermore, capsules have the advantage that they always keep the exact dosage ready. Simply place the capsule in the mouth and rinse with a non-alcoholic liquid. However, you must keep in mind that the effect of the oil begins later, since the capsule must first decompose.


5. In pills

If the capsules cause nausea and / or abdominal pain, you can also take cannabis oil in the form of a pill. The benefit of consuming a pill is that the oil does not have to pass through the liver before it is passed through the body.

There are other ways, such as chewing gum extracts or pasta.


Dosage: How Much Cannabidiol Should You Take?

It’s hard to say how much should be used, as there are a variety of factors that affect this amount. And for the sake of legislation, we can not tell you how much you should consume. However, since CBD is not a psychoactive substance, you should try small doses at the beginning until you get the desired effect. Here is an interesting article on cbd dosage.


CBD Oil droppers


How fast does  it work after taking it?


When the CBD oil is dripped under the tongue, the mucous membranes absorb it and direct it into the circulatory system.

Most people notice the side effects relatively early, and the desired effect is most likely to be felt during the first 14 days of ingestion if you ingest the oil daily.

There is currently no guarantee that the CBD oil you buy contains no THC. The value of THC seems to minimize the need for more liters of oil before you experience a euphoric side effect in the form of a high.


CBD oil has not reached its popularity because of its taste, but because of its analgesic effect on chronic pain.


Cannabidiol containing supplements for pain and inflammation

CBD products have a calming effect on pain and inflammation, and the greater the pain, the higher the CBD value of your oil should be. However, we do not recommend that you, as a beginner, directly use the strongest concentration for pain and inflammation.


CBD oil for fibromyalgia

The Danish Fibromyalgia Association states on their website, that they indirectly recommend CBD oil for pain-relief. However, this recommendation is given only indirectly because it works with both politicians, public authorities and health professionals. They have been fighting for legalization for some time, as it is currently illegal in Denmark to buy or sell CBD above a certain level.


CBD oil for arthritis has a pain-relieving effect on the gout pain and thus acts as a natural painkiller.


CBD products for sclerosis

CBD oil has an analgesic effect on sclerosis pain. It is very important to know that CBD oil does not cure illnesses but only counteracts the pain.


Parkinson’s and Cannabidiol Supplements



In the clip, we meet Larry, a former police officer from the United States, who suffers from a severe Parkinson’s disease, which gives him severe shocks and convulsions. For 20 years, Larry has tried countless Parkinson’s drugs and has to admit that none of them worked. In the clip he shows how CBD oil helps his muscles to relax. Just four minutes after taking it, Larry’s breath can relax and control his body again.

There are many documented videos on Youtube, with Parkinson’s patients taking CBD oil for their illness.

Keep in mind that CBD oil does not cure Parkinson’s disease but relaxes the person’s body, relieves pain and stimulates appetite. As soon as Larry no longer takes his CBD oil, he gets again violent convulsions.


Cannabidiol oil for migraine

If you suffer from migraines, you will certainly know the points in front of your eyes, dizziness and throbbing headaches that last for several hours and make you sleepy for a whole day. Really many use painkillers like panodiles and other types of pills to relieve pain, but a lot of people have begun to use CBD oil for migraines.


Before using CBD Oil for migraines, keep in mind that people are different and that very few cases have been documented where migraine has deteriorated. Aggravated in the sense that during the time you use CBD oil, the migraine occurs more frequently than usual and thus no improvement is achieved. Do not be afraid and try CBD oil if you have migraines. In a majority of cases, the oil has a positive effect.

You notice possible side effects within the first few days, and you will notice the positive effect within three weeks if you use CBD oil daily.

Cannabinoids and sleep

If you have trouble switching off and relaxing at night, which prevents you from falling asleep, CBD is a good recommendation for you. Due to its relaxing effect, it is best to take a dose at bedtime.

If you use CBD oil for insomnia, it is important that you do not consume the CBD oil at bedtime. Take the oil in a few hours before bed.


Depression and Anxiety

Unlike THC oil, CBD is good for depression because it stabilizes your mood. It prevents mood swings and increases appetite, causing you to eat a lot more.

CBD Oil Drops, Vaping and Hemp-Cannabinoid-Consumption – Possible Side Effects

There are side effects of CBD oil in the recovery phase, until your body gets used to the oil. Only then will you notice the beneficial effects of CBD oil and the side effects will disappear.


1. Dry mouth

In adults, it can lead to a dry mouth, as a result of which one becomes very thirsty. The dry mouth disappears as the body gets used to the CBD oil.


2. Flatter stomach

In the first week you will probably get a flatter stomach as CBD contains the substance chlorophyll, which cleanses the intestinal tract.


3. Dizziness / headache

Headaches can start in the beginning, and you may even get a little dizzy. However, these symptoms disappear when your body gets used to the cannabis oil.


4. May worsen concentration and / or memory

During the recovery phase, CBD oil can negatively impact your concentration and memory. It is therefore a good idea to set your CBD oil testing period to a time when you do not need to work your way mentally.


Buying CBD supplements

There is currently much disagreement over whether CDB oil and other CBD products are supplements or a medicine. In some countries it is possible to buy the CBD without a prescription, and in other countries you have to have a prescription because it is considered a drug there. Try to follow all state laws to be safe legally!

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